River Kennet -

British Airways Angling Club members have for many years had access to navigable section of the river Kennet close to the village of Woolhampton in Berkshire. This canalised section is improved river navigation rather than a true canal, and consists of sections of the natural riverbed of the River Kennet.


The stretch runs approximately 250 metres upstream of Wickham Knight Bridge No 30 Grid Reference SU5866 and for about 750 metres downstream to the Salmon Cut. Parking for this venue is at Hillfoot Farm located on Bath Road, Woolhampton, Berkshire nearest post code RG7 5RH. Woolhampton Fishery

This section of the Kennet has a fairly uniform depth with a few areas of slightly deeper water. Upstream of the bridge is a fairly straight section bordered by reed beds and woodland with overhanging trees and a steady flow more typical of a canal. Downstream contains features more consistent with a traditional stretch of the Kennet these include creases, bends, and slacks.

All the usual river species can be found in this section and since the arrival of American Signal Crayfish many fish grow to specimen proportions. In the past our members have caught Barbel in excess of 13lb,Chub over 6lb and Perch over 3lb.In addition to the specimen fishing during the summer and autumn good sport can be had on the float and the feeder with matches won with over 30lb of bream.

The Kennet at Woolhampton fishes well throughout the season particularly when fishing earlier or later to avoid the summer boat traffic. In winter the river can really come into its own and is less affected than some of the shallower stretches in times of flood.
Night fishing is available to our members but please be courteous at all times and keep noise levels to a minimum when leaving the venue.
Members in possession of a guest card can take a guest.