River Colne - Waterside - River Colne Fisheries Officers - BACAS via Harmondsworth Moor Park Rangers

Fishing is available for BACAS members at Harmondsworth Moor this includes some fine stretches of the River Colne, further details and maps are currently being produced by the park management.

Specific rules in addition to General Rules:

No permit holder may introduce more than 1 guest to the fishery on any one date.
Coarse fishing is permitted between 1hr, before sunrise and 1hr after sunset during the season, which is defined as between midnight on 16th June & midnight on 14th March.

No night fishing is permitted.

The parkland car park opens:
08:00 – 18:00 October-March
08:00 – 20:00 April-September

No fishing is permitted in any of the following areas (please see Harmondsworth Moor fishing map)

  • Ponds in Longmead
  • Ponds in Middle Meadow
  • Ponds in Batemans Orchard
  • East bank of the Colne between A4 and Accommodation Lane
  • West bank of the Duke of Northumberland between A4 and Moor Lane
  • East bank of Wraysbury and west bank of the Colne on the island, north of the M4