Whitney Lake - Whitney Fishery Officer - John Prentice - 07957 654561

A delightful mixed fishery of 2 acres located adjacent to Osterly Park. Formally, fishing and techniques revolved around Carp activity with occasional catches to 30lb. Recent changes of policy have seen a restocking programme of both fish and plants. A two stage stocking programme has seen the reintroduction of Bream and Crucian Carp plus a bolstering up of existing Carp, Tench, Rudd and Roach populations; an exercise which has cost BACAS nearly £3000. We have also taken advice from a wide range of experienced environment and wetlands experts to introduced plant life that will benefit the fishery. The water will now be very attractive to a wide cross section of the BACAS community; all ages from beginners to matchmen and from the pleasure to the more serious angler.

Fish catches over the past 2 years have shown Carp to 30lb, Tench to 5lb, Pike to 6lb, Bream to 3lb and plenty of smaller silver fish. As aforementioned BACAS policy on this water is to encourage a mixed fishery to benefit all.

Rules and Regulations: As with all BA Angling Clubs waters BACAS rules apply. Key rules such as “members only”, “only barbless hooks”, “the use of dip tanks and unhooking mats” plus the fact that this fishery is regularly patrolled and bailiffed make it a safe and secure environment for both anglers and fish stocks.



Specific rules in addition to General Rules:

  • Barbless hooks to be used on this fishery
  • No guests, strictly members only
  • The bar gate and entrance doors must be kept securely locked at all times
  • No keepnets or carp sacks (exception for keepnets on club matches only)
  • Dogs are not allowed on this fishery
  • Dip tanks are in place at this fishery, you are required to dip your nets prior to fishing