Stockers Lake

A very old gravel pit of some 90 acres, Stockers Lake is situated in the heart of the Colne Valley Country Park and is fringed on each side by the river Colne and the Grand Union canal. (However these are not part of our BACAS waters). The fishery is a challenge to the more experienced angler and holds a wide variety of species, namely Tench, Bream, Carp, Pike, Perch, Roach and the occasional Eel.

Stockers Lake is also an important bird, and wildlife sanctuary. There is an abundance of wildlife to be seen around this lake, including Terrapins and Wild Mink, (although these may take some time to spot). Stockers is also a stop over point for Winter migrating birds and a home to great selection of wet land birds.

At Stockers BACAS works in partnership with the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, the Three Valleys Water Company, the Friends of Stockers Lake and the Three Rivers District Council to try to balance the needs and interests of all users of the Lake for the overall benefit of the Lake and its environment. As an example of mutual tolerance we share the fishing with the resident Team Heron and Cormorants “ Fishing Clubs “ and still manage to co-exist peacefully, (well almost) !! Note : No shooting is allowed anywhere in the Park ! 

12 years ago BACAS introduced a variety of fish into the water, (over a three year period) and these have thrived well and are regularly seen on the bank during the course season. The lake lends itself towards the Anglers who are in search of the larger and more illusive specimens. We have to contend and manage the depredations of the local Heron and Cormorant colonies and Poachers and take these into account in our overall management of the water and in particular, our stocking plans.

Rules and Regulations:

As with all BA Angling Clubs waters BACAS rules apply. Along side of the key rules such as “members only”, “the use of dip tanks and unhooking mats” etc. BA Angling Clubs have had to introduce some quite unique rules and regulations on this fishery due to the sensitive nature of the water, with regard to the bird, and wildlife sanctuary.
We work hand in hand with the friends of Stockers Lake and the wildlife trust to make it a safe and secure for our members, fish stocks and the environment. The fishery is regularly patrolled and bailiffed day and night and access is excellent with our own secure space, next to the Lake, set aside for exclusive parking for BACAS our members.

Specific rules in addition to General Rules:

  • Strictly no tents, umbrella based shelters only
  • Current Environmental Agency rod limits are in force on this water (max 4 rods)
  • Radios can be used with the use of earphones only
  • Fishing allowed from the numbered swims only, no fishing from any of the islands
  • Dip tanks are in place at the fishery, you are required to dip your nets prior to fishing

  • This water is regularly bailiffed on behalf of the society. Please be courteous and offer assistance if necessary
  • Stockers Lake is a designated Nature Reserve and is managed by the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust
  • Members of the public walk around the reserve, be courteous and polite at all times